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tar mehran kalhor 3 mohre | persian tar for sale | persian tar buy

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tar mehran kalhor 3 mohre

Product Information
Product : Persian Tar
Brand name : Mehran Kalhor 3 Mohr 
Classification : plucked string instrument
Dimension : 96*23*21 cm = 37.7 * 9 * 8.2 inch
Bowl material : mulberry wood
Bowl size : large 
Skin material : lamb skin (پوست بره تودلی)
Nut material(شیطانک) : horn
Bridge material(خرک) : horn
String holder material(سیم گیر) : horn
Tuning pegs material(گوشی کوک) : walnut wood
Neck material(دسته) : walnut wood
Frets material : nylon
Additional Accessories : hard case 
Product by : master Mehran Kalhor
Manufacturer signature : has 
Special features : 
High quality materials & instrument


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