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Product Information
• Product : seven pieces set (cashmere or termeh)
• Edge Embroidery: binding
• Termeh type : Mixture (Hand-woven &loom-woven)
• Termeh Origin :  Persian / Yazd province
• Size of mattress : 0*80*4 cm =78.7*31.5*1.5 inch
• Size of pillow :75*55*15 cm=29.5*21.6*5.9 inch
• Size of cushion : 65*30*30 cm=25.6*11.8*11.8 inch
• Size of leaning pillow : 65*40*45 cm =25.6*15.7*17.7 inch
• Range of colors: blue 
• Weight of 1 mattress : 2500 gr
• Weight of 2 pillows: 9000 gr
• Weight of 2 cushions: 3500 gr
• Weight of 2 leaning pillows: 5500 gr
• Warps and Wefts Density :150 
Other Detailes : 
Stuffed with Polyester
Completed with designed velvet
Termeh design : classic and beautiful

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