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persian tar mirzai
Most of people who go to the shops to buy a Tar,lone-hand and without any information and acquaintance about these instruments,they just notice the elementary form of that.
Unfortunately,there are some low quality instruments in the market which are just glossy and not perfect,so it can deceive the beginners easily.
Most of the times, an instrument which sounds good to a trainee and a begginner,can not be perfect in a teacher’s idea or even it might be valueless in a musician mind.
A suitable instrument should have melodious voice,beautiful figure,strong wood and correct pattern. It also should have a lucky hand.
One of the best ways to purchase a Tar is that you can buy it from valid and famous manufacturers.
Due to the fact that it is so important for reliable producers to protect their esteem and validity in the market ,they refuse to sell valueless and low quality instruments. Therefore you can ensure that they offer you the best services and updated experiences.
Our store has prepared some pictures of full body of each instrument(every sides of them)and  it has clearly shown the dimensions,as well as our players has played some pieces of melodies by each instrument that we have represented them to you,these videos will give you a complete package of information about the quality of that ,in order to make the best choice. They also have tuned the instruments by tuner carefully,so the main sound can be clearly heard.
Mirzaee tar’s manufacturer is one of the most famous producers in Isfahan. He has made more than twelve thousands tar up to now.
Mirzaee tar is so light weight. It also has a lucky touch. It’s anatomy has been made for everyone even for women as we know women are so sensitive with narrow hands ,so it’s easy to play it.
Due to the fact this tar has a great volume and experienced method ,playing  with it is simple.concurrently,Isfahan method of playing can clearly be  heard in its soft tingling.
The instrument’s bowl and Handel have been made of berry wood and walnut wood respectively. The head of Handel has been made of hard and adamant walnut wood which is really rigid.
This tar has an admissible price among other instruments in its range of price for semi-professional musicians. It also works until you are professional.
With cow skin of Tar
With a hard case (free)
2 pack  string & 1 mezrab & 1 dvd learning & 1 Skin (free)

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