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persian santur ariana 3 mohre HARD CASE

$ 350

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SKU#: 263560353072


Product Information
Product : Persian hammered Dulcimer
Brand name : Ariana 3 Mohr
Classification : stringed ,struck instrument
Body material : walnut wood
Tuning pegs material(گوشی کوک) : steel
Bridge material(خرک) : walnut wood
Tuning system : 9 bridges (9 bass bridges&9 treble bridges)
White strings (left-hand strings) :iron, plated with steel(made in Korea)
Yellow strings (right-hand strings) : alloy of copper (made in Germany)
Additional Accessories : hard case , hammers ,tuning wrench ,felt (نمد) and cover for hammers
Product by : master Mehdi Safari
Manufacturer signature : has
Special features :
High quality instrument
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