Persian handknotted rug Hamedan 9



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A brief summary of product 
A Persian hand knotted rug  with cream-colored field and brilliant,delicate and noble patterns which beautifully have been knoted,especially the central medallion that is called Toranj. This Hamedanian rug would embellish every house (Hamedan is a western city of Iran).The cream-colored field has been beautifully surrounded by a blue border which gravitates every one’s eyes. This is an appropriate choice for those who have a genuine liking for ornate rugs with special colors,and want to make their houses a happy and energetic place to live.Moreover,the rug has been dyed through natural dyes.You can see a combination of an ornate field and a multicolored border which have been tastefully designed ;thus,this rug is a fabulous artwork and definitely absorbs everyone and all these options make it the best choice for persian rug enthusiasts. 
Product Information 
• Pattern : Central Medallion 
• Rug type :  Hand-Knotted
• Size: 1.24 m2
• Lengh : 128 cm
• Width : 97 cm
• Shape: rectanglular
• Field color : cream-color
• Border color : blue
• Rug Design  : floral (with special name= Toranj)
• Dyeing method: natural dyes
• Approximate weight : 4 kg 
• KPSI : 30 Raj =118 (knots per square inch)  
• Fabric (knots) : wool 
• Material (warps) : wool
• Material (wefts) : cotton
• Pile height : 1cm = 0.393 inch 
• Rug origin : (persian) / Hamedan province
مشخصات فنی
•سايز1.24 متر مربع
• ابعاد97 × 128 سانتي‌متر
• شکلمستطيل
• محل بافتهمدان
• نام طرحترنج
• رنگ زمينهکرم
• رنگ حاشيهآبی
• نحوه رنگرزيسنتي با استفاده از رنگ هاي طبيعي
• وزن تقريبي4 کيلوگرم
• تراکم بافت30 رج
• جنس پرزپشم
• جنس نخ تار (چله)پشم
• جنس نخ پودنخ پنبه
• ارتفاع نخ خاب1.0سانتي متر

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