Persian handknotted rug Hamedan 6



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Persian hand knotted rug 
Hamedanian artists (Hamedan is a western city of Iran) have represented a noble Iranian art with brilliant patterns on this rug.It will also find its way to your houses soon.The rug has been tasefully designed,as traditional,colorful and delicate patterns on cream-colored field have made it a fabulous artwork.On other motifs of it ,you can also see some colors such as brown and gray.The rug has been dyed through natural dyes.This rug definitely absorbs everyone and all these options make it the best choice for persian rug enthusiasts.
Product Information 
• Pattern : Central Medallion 
• Rug type :  Hand-Knotted
• Size: 1.16 m2
• Lengh : 131 cm
• Width : 89 cm
• Shape: rectanglular
• Field color : cream-color
• Border color : red
• Rug Design  : floral (with special name= Toranj)
• Dyeing method: natural dyes
• Approximate weight : 3 kg 
• KPSI : 30 Raj =118 (knots per square inch)  
• Fabric (knots) : wool 
• Material (warps) : wool &cotton
• Material (wefts) : wool &cotton
• Pile height : 1.5cm = 0.58 inch 
• Rug origin : (persian) / Hamedan province
سايز 1.16 متر مربع
ابعاد 131 × 89 سانتيمتر
شکل مستطيل
محل بافت همدان
نام طرح ترنج
رنگ زمينه کرم
رنگ حاشيه قرمز
نحوه رنگرزي سنتي با استفاده از رنگ هاي طبيعي
وزن تقريبي 3 کيلوگرم
تراکم بافت 30 رج
جنس پرز پشم
جنس نخ تار (چله) پشم، نخ پنبه
جنس نخ پود پشم، نخ پنبه
ارتفاع نخ خاب 1.5سانتي متر

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