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Size 44 × 21 × 21   cm
A perfect reception, many of the concerns of the host, especially Iranian hosts hospitality ran language. Choose containers that a representative of Iranian art, originality and the impact of the reception you will multiply. «Dining chocolate wedding rings exquisite copper field effect 45 cm height, the servant of the nation» of the containers that can take you as a wonderful host. A beautiful form, the different effects with its artistic and elegant inlay are but rather several culture and art in the old courses. Sex-this dish is that the artist’s hand with a copper art-Esfahani “m. Khadem nation» with inlay art ornament. This art product has the length and width of about 21 cm and a height of 44 cm. Weighs about 1.5 kg. The old art of inlay, stylishand popular among the people. The entire outer surface of the body and in this geometric forms with chocolate shops in various sizes with elegance and artistry inlay. The internal surface of which is lacking in the implementation of the inlay can be used copper to make it level. Unique, form the Foundation on which a product is attractive, bright and stylish. In addition to its application in the reception of the guests of its design is such that alone as a valuable َ and stairs can be put on the table and decor. For those interested in traditional and noble style dining chocolate, this is a valuable and practical gift.
Product weight + packaging:2  kg
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