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Kamancheh narimani 1 star new | kamanche | kamancheh | kamancheh for sale

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Product Information
Product : Persian Kamancheh
Brand name : Nariman 1 star new
Classification : Bowed string instrument
Dimension : 70*19*17 cm = 27.5 *7.5 * 6.7 inch
Bowl material : mulberry wood
Bowl type : attached piece by piece(ترکه ای)
Skin material : lamb skin
Nut material (شیطانک): box tree wood      (چوب شمشاد)
Nut width : 4 cm = 1.57 inch
Bridge material(خرک) : wood
Length from the bridge (خرک) to the string holder سیم گیر) =14 cm= 5.5 inch)
Tuning pegs material(گوشی کوک) : walnut wood
Additional Accessories : hard case & bow
Weight : 800 gr
Manufacturer signature : has
Special features :
High quality materials & instrument
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