Samsung Cellular Phones – Innovation At An Affordable Price.

I love Samsung products – in fact virtually every electronic device in my home is made by Samsung as is my cell phone. The range of Samsung Cellular phones is so wide, there is a model to suit every budget and taste.

Did you know that a cell phone isn’t really a phone but a variation on the radio. I guess Alexander Bell never thought his invention would be the basis of this modern phenomenon.I remember sitting in a cafe about 15 years ago when my friend came in with her cell phone. She put it on the table as it was too big to fit in her handbag. She actually looked ridiculous but she thought it was cool. I wish she had kept this old model as I would love to take a picture of it beside my current cell phone. It would make a great present for my kids. Who knows what they are going to use to communicate with their friends.

Mobile phone technology is constantly changing with companies such as Samsung, Apple, T-Mobile, Vodaphone etc all competing with each other to offer the best product ever. The mobile phone market is a highly lucrative business not least as we are now so demanding on what we expect from our phones.

For example, I cannot wait until I receive my new 17500 Samsung Smartphone. It works with the Google Android system so the capabilities of my new cell phone will be just amazing. I will be able to find restaurant reviews, great hotels, fantastic shops and all whilst sitting sipping my latte. But I do know that after a while when other features become available I will want to update my phone again.

My mum on the other hand wanted a phone that was just a cell phone. Can you imagine the look on the face of the sales staff when we went in asking for a phone that DIDN’T have a megapixel camera or Bluetooth functionality? We just wanted a cell phone to make and receive calls – after all that is what the mobile was originally invented for.

Mum says if she wanted to take a picture, she would use a camera. It is useless trying to explain that you can combine the two. Anyway after the young cute salesguy picked himself back up from the floor, he suggested the Samsung SPH-A640. It is extremely easy to use, didn’t cost the next mortgage payment and mum was blown away by the fact that she could talk to her phone and ask it to ring her friend. If you have any relatives that just want an easy to understand and operate basic cellular phone, this fits the bill perfectly.

If you decide to upgrade, it is always worth checking whether your cellular phone plan provider is offering any special deals. Check it out today as most mobile plan providers offer great deals on Samsung cellular phones.

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