Razor Phones Are Awesome!

The Razr (pronounced Razor) is a fantastic cell phone particularly the V3e version. Motorola listened to their customers and upgraded and refined the Razr offering.

We are all used to having additional functions on our phones. Gone are the days when cell phones were just used for making or receiving calls. Thankfully the days when they resembled bricks rather than credit cards are also behind us!

Combining the size of a credit card with the functionality of a small laptop, it would be difficult to find a better option than the Razr. You can chose from a selection of colours including pink, silver, blue and the usual black.

So what functions does your Razor phone provide and how best to use them?

* Camera:

I have never really understood the attraction of having a camera in my phone until I got my Razr. Wow! It is simple to use yet produces really nice photos but even nicer videos. You can combine the voice recognition software with the timer on the camera to capture those magic moments. And it is real simple to send your new video clip to all your friends. My mum loves getting pictures of her grandkids although I had to buy her a phone will multimedia functionality as well!

*Bluetooth functionality:

Most cell phones have this option and it is used mainly by drivers trying to maximise the use of their time. Time management is crucial in our time poor society so why not explore this function more fully. Just be careful ? moving an object via Bluetooth removes it from your phone so make sure you are sending it to the correct person and not a random stranger using his Bluetooth connection.

*Voice recognition software:

Although we are allowed to use wireless technology to call people whilst driving, it is still a distraction. I have had some hairy moments in a car when my boss forgot he was driving as he was so caught up in finding a mobile number!

Use the voice recognition software to find and dial phone numbers either by name, or by using the redial function. If you are unsure of the name, use one as similar as possible and your phone will call out the options available. This will help jog your memory.

*Inbuilt voice recorders:

The Razr provides a function to record phone calls. This can be a very handy way of recording a meeting but must be used with care. You do not want to fall foul of any State or Federal privacy laws.

We all know that mobile phone software is evolving very quickly. Our phones can quickly become outdated. Motorola have thought of this. If they introduce a software upgrade suitable for your model of phone, you can upgrade via their website.

With all of the above and Motorola’s well deserved reputation for providing fantastic customer service, how could you go wrong? Purchase your Razor cell phone today, fill your memory card with your favourite songs and have a fantastic day.

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