Looking For A Stylish Cell Phone Razor Might Just Be The Solution

An engineer in China has actually developed a cell phone razor. Yes you read that right, you can now call your girlfriend on your razor. Somehow I can’t see that one taking off ? wouldn’t be the most hygienic of items would it?

On the subject of cell phones, razor or RAZR first appeared in shops in 2004 having been developed in 2003. At the time it was an extremely innovative design and was actually rated by PC World as being number 12 in the top 50 best gadgets at one time. We are now used to slim line phones thanks in part to the guys at Motorola.

Initially Motorola marketed this phone as a fashion must have, but sales were slower than expected. After several price testing points, they hit a home run when they lowered the price and the phone sold over 100 million units in less than 3 years before being replaced by the Razr2.

The Razr (pronounced Razor) is a beautiful phone. The size resembles that of a credit card yet it encompasses all the functions and innovation you would expect from Motorola. There were some technical issues with the first model. Some users reported problems with the audio quality and there were constant complaints about the screen. Seemingly it was prone to getting scratched.

The engineers fixed these issues with the new and improved Razr2. The background audio problem was resolved by installing crystal technology whilst the screen is now better protected.

The Motorola Razr comes in black, silver, pink or blue. In addition to the normal cell phone functions such as camera and video, most models incorporate the following:

* Bluetooth functionality:

Most people don’t use the Bluetooth functionality on their cell phones for anything other than making calls whilst driving. It is so much more than that. You can use your razor cell phone to send a picture, message, or document in A4 or US letter size to a printer (assuming the printer supports Bluetooth obviously!).

Note ? if you are planning on heading to France for a holiday don’t use your Bluetooth outside as it is illegal. You can only use this functionality indoors in France. You have been warned!

* Multimedia messages:

Instead of sending a text, a video or a picture, you can send a combination of all three to either another cell phone with MMS technology or to an email address. Your phone will obviously receive these messages as well.

*Voice recognition software:

This is a cool feature which allows you to “speak” to your phone! This is very handy when driving as you don’t need to start looking up phone numbers. You tell the phone the name you are looking for and hey presto your cell phone will call that person.You can actually train your phone to recognise your voice ? always handy especially if you speak with an accent like mine!

With all of the above and more, if you are looking for a cell phone, Razor is the answer!

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